Whether it is positive or negative, Emotional Marketing can set your brand apart from the competition. Give it a tear jerker, an uncomfortable feeling, a smile or laugh. Telling the story in your branding, advertising and marketing that brings out an emotion can be quite memorable.

When building your brand, take a practical look at how your product and services solve problems. Then identify what makes your business different from other brands. Once you have established your basics you will want to develop your brand strategy and include the emotional approach along side of the practical.

Brand loyalty is developed with an understanding of how emotions bring a brand closer to the customer. Warm fuzzy feelings, supporting a cause, making people smile or even anger in support of a high profile issue, allows customers to feel more apart of your brand.

Below are a few examples of how some big names did just that for Super Bowl 2013. What can you learn from these big names in order to find the emotional connection in your brand and customer?



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