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Do You Know Your Engagement?

How Well Are Your Posts Doing On Social Media?

You have put together a plan, created your content and you are posting and sharing on social media. But do you know how well those posts are doing? How well is your Facebook Business Page doing overall compared to previous weeks, months and even your competition?

Facebook Insight1

Many Page Owners may not be aware of a powerful tool built right into Facebook’s Business Pages, called Insights. It’s where the fun is monitored. It is where you can see how well your Page is doing day by day and every week. You can even take a peak, from a top level, how well your competition is doing each week for engagement.charts2

Part of your weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly management should involved  monitoring your metrics. Many social media channels have this ability, but Facebook allows you to also see how well your Page stacks up to the engagement of other Pages, particularly your competition.

First, you want to take a look at your overall Like, Reach and Engagement per each week. this will give you a general idea of how your activity compares over the last 7 days and if your numbers are up or down. You can then click on each section at the top, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, Videos and People for more details and the option to change the timeline of information you would like to analyze.

As you scroll down, you will see your 5 most recent posts and how well you are doing with Reach, Likes, Shares, Comments and Clicks. This again, provides you with an overview of how each of your posts are doing, allowing you to compare each post to one another and how one type of post, say an image, does compared to a link or video.

Facebook Insights2

The next section is the Pages To Watch where you can add your page and others to a list for a high level of monitoring. Each page is listed in order based on the number of Fan Likes in descending order. You can view how well the Page Likes compare to the previous week, how many post have placed for the current week and the number of engagement for the same week.

Why is this an important element to your strategy? Social Media is about being social and interactive with your following. It’s not enough to put a plan together and create content, of course those being very important elements to begin with, but it doesn’t end with posting the content and walking away. You need to understand if it is working. You have to invest in the time to monitor the numbers regularly and research why the numbers may be moving up, down or no where.

Are people clicking on your links back to your website blog, video shopping cart or hashtags? These metrics do not show on the front end like Comments, Likes and Shares, but it does on your Admin back-end. Getting direct engagement ON your Page is great for PR, Exposure and being seen, and you do want that. But you also want to know if people are also interested in taking that engagement OFF of Social Media too. This allows you to see if your strategy is working or if you need to make some adjustments to help increase more engagement.

So the next time you log into your Business Page, click on your Insights tool and start looking at how well your posts are doing for your Social Media Strategy. If you are posting and posting…and posting without any engagement what so ever, you will need to take another look at your plans, maybe expand how you use your Page and experiment with how you can create an Engagement Strategy versus a Content Posting Strategy.

Keep in mind, Social Media doesn’t end with posting content day after day. It takes an understanding of how you can encourage engagement on those post and how well this works with your Social Media Marketing and Strategy. This takes time and it takes a commitment to watch it daily so you can see over time how things are moving and where you may need to make some changes. Ignoring your metrics and putting all of your time an efforts into pushing content, will garner great content. But is may leave you wondering how to make Social Media work if you ignore the metrics.

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