Do You Keep Your Business Positive?

Positive BusinessIt’s not like none of us experience negative moods or just have one of those days or weeks, right? We all have to deal with those rain clouds hovering overhead once in a while, but how we handle those clouds can make the difference on how we handle our business. There is nothing like one big negative cloud to try and ruin your day first thing in the morning and sets the tone for your remaining business day, especially if you have to face clients and customers!

What makes this issue even more harried is the use of our social networks that allow us to shout out to the world our worst experiences beyond just a simple complaint or vent. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain control over those clouds more often so we can corral those negative thoughts into more productive use so we are not tempted to share too much with the world?

Ah ha…but we can! Of course it sounds easy….”Just Be Positive”…right? Well yes it is that easy….but we all know and understand that just like a New Years Resolution…after the novelty of the inspiration wears off, we may be right back to our old habits again. There are some other factors involved that can help keep that positive attitude around much longer so you can concentrate on business and put your best foot forward every day no matter what hits your mood.

Concentrating on positive affirmations can help keep your down time in check and allow you to work through issues (don’t ignore serious issues) and turn them around for a more positive outcome. It’s not just about saying the words or writing them down, it’s also believing in your self and that you can overcome negative issues that may play havoc with your day. You don’t want to just push them aside, instead you want to create a better internal way of dealing with the negative issues so you can return to a more positive outlook. But the key is to place more positive statements and beliefs in front of you to help push out the negative so when you do encounter a stressful situation you can handle it better.

Some tips to help with affirmations and staying positive for your business:

  1.  Stay in the present time and remain positive! Don’t use future or past tense statements and don’t come down hard on yourself for a misstep or mistake. Turn the mishap into a positive learning statement to move yourself forward and learn from it.
  2. Daily repetition. This does not mean once a day….but multiple times a day. Make this a habit…whether you use written or verbal statements…keep them on your mind several times a day so they become part of your subconscious.
  3. Sticky Notes! If you’re like me, you have a collection of sticky note pads, maybe even from attending multiple trade shows. Why not get some other use out of them and each day stick a positive statement on the side of your monitor screen to remind you of a positive experience.
  4. Embrace Humor. Don’t discount a comic strip, cartoon, video or joke to bring a smile to your face and lighten the load. If you are feeling the gloomies coming on, step away and find a light hearted topic to brighten your day and help you get back on track.
  5. Admit confronting the issue. Positive affirmations will not do you any good if you do not also deal with what may be bringing on negative feelings. Remaining positive more often will help you handle things better, but so long as you push aside the underlying issue, it will keep coming back. Give yourself a chance to fling that stress off your back by dealing with negativity in a positive way.

Last but not least…take a tip from Jessica’s 2009 video and truly believe in yourself and your business!