Day in the Life of a Social Communications Strategist

Creative Office

Some have asked me in the past….how do I spend my day working.

Let me provide a snapshot of my typical work day. I first open up Outlook and take care of incoming emails. No wait…let me start over….first I get my 32 oz of water and first cup of coffee. Let me make sure I am clear that there are some priorities in place here. OK….once the water and coffee are ready, then I open up Outlook.

There was a time not too long ago, that when I opened up my morning email, I had about 200 emails to go through and organize, and that’s just what was waiting for me in the morning…not what would continue throughout the day. After cleaning up my subscriptions, it feels good to face no more than about 20 each morning.

Once I have taken care of my emails, I then shut down Outlook so I am no longer distracted by the notifications. There is nothing that creates more anxiety of FOMO than that little envelop popping up on my screen…except maybe an unread text message alert that won’t stop because I won’t look at it the first time! As a side note….I have also turned off email on my phone and iPad. I can still access it if I want from my phone, but I no longer permit it to control me or my focus with clients when I am out.

Next I open up my client’s social media accounts and setup the day or week’s posts and assign projects to any team members as needed. Part of the social management is where I engage and interact with my clients’ following, one of my favorite parts of the job!! Once the posts are set, I take the time to do research for my clients, work on the development of any website projects, and create graphics that are used on their website and/or social channels. Remember….I’m all about the VISUAL!!

This is a fluid “open’ time for me so that I do not block myself into a rigid or concrete time of the day. Creativity needs room to breathe. By taking care of the management part of my client’s work first thing every morning,  I free up my mind to concentrate on relaxing and letting the creative juices flow. Imagine a “block” of time you set aside during your day that is adjustable to your day’s energy so you can just create….no rushing, no timer, no interruptions. This is a crucial part of my day that transforms my thinking since the morning cobwebs have been brushed away.

I revisit my client’s social channels at least one more time before the end of the day to monitor Ad campaigns, respond to any comments left during the day, and check metrics. I take notes on the day’s social progress to determine if any changes should be considered and if any of my day’s research will work with up and coming projects.

I usually set aside about 1-2 hours a day to handle my own marketing, like writing a blog post or creating my own social Ad. It’s a juggling act and I do take breaks during the day for client phone calls, my own social media, eat, stretch, train and learn…and refill of my coffee cup of course!! Lastly, I reopen Outlook in the afternoon and check emails one last “official” time.

My daily tactical activity and knowledge is what contributes to building my client’s strategies. If it wasn’t for my hands-on experience, I would miss out on the latest technology that provides clients with the most up to date management service I can provide. Collaborating with other strategists and contributing partners allows me to also bring fresh perspectives to my process. Sooooo….that is a snapshot of the Day in the Life of a Social Communications Strategist!! There’s not a lot of glamor and hooray other than the reward I get from my happy clients and knowing I am making a difference in their own success!