It Cost How Much? I Just Want Someone To Update My Site!

websitemaintenanceValue Behind The Website Management Process

You have choices, and there are plenty out there when it comes to website design and web management to meet a variety of updating needs.

But what exactly are you looking for when researching for the “best deal” you can get for your buck? What does it cost your business if your site breaks, date sensitive services or products are not updated on the site in time for a sale, or the unthinkable….your site is lost and you do not have a recent backup?

Consider how important the digital age is to your business and what the loss in revenue means to your bottom line. If you should be hindered by your site’s lack of maintenance, you may look at the cost of your website’s maintenance and management from an entirely new perspective of “PRICELESS”.

5 Element That Need Regular Updating

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Plugins/Programs
  • Framework
  • Design
  • Content

Content is only one of the 5 elements of your website’s maintenance and management and all 5 should be updated monthly. Your content is completely dependent on the other site elements working properly. If the other 4 major items are not working, your content doesn’t matter because your visitors cannot interact on your site nor see your content. Concentrating solely on updating your blog, text, images and graphic content can lead to a series of issues with a domino affect over time.

Yes, sites can continue to work with limited updating month by month in the very short term without major issues arising. But the internet is constantly changing. Browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are always adding new features and discontinuing support for old versions, making your outdated site from 3 years ago, unstable today with the potential for broken links, images and programs…or even a complete crash.

If you limit your maintenance to once a year or even longer, it could lead to more costly repairs that involve time consuming problem-solving research, lost content and lost business compared to regular monthly updating. Trying to retrieve a broken or crashed site afterward could also mean a whole new site design with lost content if your site hasn’t been maintained and backed up with the latest working design.

Your content is only as good as your site’s maintenance and backups.

Eventually issues do arise when the technology is not maintained. Individual program updates require compatibility with one another and the website’s framework so the entire site functions properly. Code that worked one day before an update may skew your layout the next after a program update. If you haven’t updated your site to work with the latest browser versions, your site may break for a majority of visitors.


Website maintenance and content management involves more than updating a page with new text or adding a new image. Maintenance and management includes the knowledge and understanding of troubleshooting site and design techniques. This vital knowledge helps your business avoid a site catastrophe resulting in visitors not accessing important information that could lead to lost business.

As you consider the value of website maintenance and management to your business, consider how important updating your site’s technology is along with content updates. Do you have the time and expertise to learn and keep up with the latest information about your website?

Website management must include experienced knowledge on how to update programs and troubleshoot compatibility issues that will arise, as well as knowledge on how to insert images, graphics, code changes and text in conjunction with technological changes. If you are unable to devote the needed  experience and time to your site’s maintenance, relying on dedicated professionals can save you both money and stress over time.

The cost of regular quality monthly maintenance versus a large “one-time” expense, will save you and your business headache and cost in the long run. Proper regular maintenance and management brings more value to your digital marketing as your site retains fresh content as well as the most recent programs for optimal performance.