Content is Important to Your Website's Design

Often times when we think of web design, we only visualize the graphic elements on the website like the header, background colors or background. Another important element of a web site design is the text and image content.

Web site content is important to the overall layout of a website design and should also be considered when designing the site’s layout and a page layout. Your sites content layout affects how visitors navigate both your site and each page and well planned content supports stronger SEO content building.

As your website is being built, your designer will want a list or outline of your main topics and any subtopics so the menu and navigation bars can be formed and proper hierarchy to your content. One way to help your designer is to make a list or draw out a flow chart of your services, and information you would like to distribute to your visitors.

Once you have your topics, services and informational content organized within a list or outline, your designer can review your ideas and make suggestions any adjustments and then move onto a menu layout.

The next important step concerning text and image content will be dependent on the client. The client will want to begin the writing process of information to include on each page of the website. One can write up their own content, hire a writer or marketing expert that knows how to present your information in the best form.

Once you have the content and desired images per each web page, your web designer will then take the content and design it’s layout within a page. Sometimes the text content may benefit from some custom graphics within a page and your designer can see how to pull information from your content and suggest creative ways to present them in a visual form.

By planning in advance your main topics and hierarchy of subtopics, and each pages content you can achieve a smooth design process during the page building process of web design and strengthen your SEO.