Confused about Branding Versus Marketing?

Oklahoma Branding & MarketingAre you confused about Branding versus Marketing? Branding and Marketing: two terms that often get confused, are actually very different. Although different, both branding and marketing are needed together in order to have a cohesive company and product.

Branding is about creating an identity for a product or service. This image of the product or service speaks for the company.

Marketing is about communicating and instigating action. With research and the right marketing plan, businesses can implement the right actions in order to connect to the target market and get them to see the value in their services. Marketing is about doing, while branding is about developing the staples of a company.

Both branding and marketing should be used together in order to create a successful business, which is why they can be confusing. Companies with good branding but not enough marketing will look good, but no one will know of their product. Companies that focus on marketing instead of branding will sell more products, but their reputation will not always be linked to the product since people will not be able to connect the company to the product.

Well known companies with successful branding include Starbucks, Apple, and Nike and we recognize their images everyday. Without even having to explain each company, many people know of their brand and multitude of products due to years of successful branding and marketing campaigns. Each product requires marketing in order to get the word out, but the reputation of high quality goods that each of these brands has speaks just as loud as their marketing. Branding creates that trust and marketing is used to further that trust and continue building the brand.

With the addition of social media, social branding has added to the confusion. Remember, branding is about your perceived image you want to create and marketing is the action it takes to build that trust. If you are using social networks to build your relationships, image and trust, you are socially branding your business. But you can also use those same platforms to promote and market your brand which supports your brand’s image.

It is up to each entrepreneur to decide what to focus on when first getting started but eventually, companies will need good branding and marketing.


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