Google Mobile Friendly Label

In November of 2014, Google announced that it was rolling out a new system to recognize and eventually label website's as "Mobile Friendly" for search results. If your website is not mobile ready, then Google will penalize your site listing by lowering it in the search results. This could be disastrous to companies that have relied on prime rankings in the past, but have not updated their website with either a responsive or mobile design. Continue reading

Can I Find Your Business Online?

How Easy is it to Find Your Business Online?

If you are not out on the internet, you are missing out on the 97% of people searching for your local business online!!! And if you are online…how well are you optimizing your website AND social media to make it easier to be found?

The top 4 social media tools used to enhance business online are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs. This gives credibility to the importance of building your content for search engine optimization as well as using social media to interact and attract with potential customers.

Take… Continue reading

Google’s NEW Exact Match Domain Penalty

Are You At Risk: Exact Match Domain Penalty?

Actually the question is whether the exact match domain penalty (EMD) is really a penalty orGoogle Search Engine Optimization Exact Match Domain some type of filter that gives more relevance to content and if your Brand is at risk if you concentrated on a keyword brand or phrase in your domain name.

Google is always making updates and changes to their algorithms, something very difficult for marketers to try and keep up with, yet it should be noted…this is how technology works and a topic that has… Continue reading

A Little Coding Won’t Hurt You!

Whether you are a designer, tech geek, blogger, entrepreneur or gadget freak…learning some basic coding philosophy may be in your future and it just may land you a new career or advancement!

Coding is becoming so much a part of our culture as technology advances and becomes part of everyone’s daily routine that schools are starting to incorporate it into their curriculum as young as the elementary years.

Can you think of ways coding has entered your life or business? If you are interested, with the help of today’s instant information, there are many tutorials out on the internet… Continue reading