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Why Landing Pages Are Good Business

When it comes to web design and lead generation, singe page websites called,landngpage landing pages, are one of the best resources on the internet for building leads. Typically, a landing page or squeeze page is single website, limited to a single offer that prompts you to purchase, join or download a service or product. This is usually done with some type of Call To Action or CTA, like a form or button to a sign up location. Continue reading

Oklahoma City Social Media Management

 “Should I do my own social media or outsource it?”oklahoma city social media management

We hear this question all the time! I am a huge proponent of in-house social media management, but I also understand how time consuming both online marketing and social media can be for businesses with a small or non-existent marketing department.

Even a small business with one to two workers can dedicate a full 40 hours a week to the online marketing department if they really wanted to. As a quick answer, yes, it is best for businesses to handle their social media in-house. But not… Continue reading

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