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A Break from the Work Norm

Kitchen Command Center Design

Charity McVeity-Penner Menu BoardSometimes it’s great to break away from the normal work day and use your creativity outside of work. Many may know that I am an avid scrapbooker, but I do not spend as much time creating those memories as I use to since starting Allographics years ago. But, I still get together twice a year for a girls’ weekend to power crop nearly non stop, I just don’t always create scrapbook pages.

I am determined to put more into my hand-on creativity this year and decided to finally make many of the DIY ideas I have… Continue reading

Business Card Design Tip #1

Business Card Design Tip #1cards


Limit your font styles to no more than 2. This will simplify the design for easier reading. Also, don’t mix up different font sizes in your design and make sure your contact information; especially your email address is large enough to easily read.

If you do not pay attention to your card’s typography design,  you may learn that your potential clients are filing your cards into the circular filing receptacle out of frustration. There may be too much text, too small of print or it’s chaotic and cluttered. When it comes to your… Continue reading

Fonts and Typeface: The Serif Series #1

Serif Fonts & Type Allgraphics & DesignNo doubt you have heard copywriters and designers using a variety of lingo pertaining to fonts and typography. Serif versus San-Serif is the most common discussion, especially when combining font/type styles within a design project.

To help lessen the confusion let’s introduce some basics on the different font and typography definitions and provide some visual assistance.

Serif fonts and type, also known as Slab Serif or Egyptian, contain additional details (feet, loops, hooks) on the ends of the strokes. There are four groupings of serif type: old style, transitional, modern and slab serif.

Serif type … Continue reading