Can I Find Your Business Online?

How Easy is it to Find Your Business Online?

If you are not out on the internet, you are missing out on the 97% of people searching for your local business online!!! And if you are online…how well are you optimizing your website AND social media to make it easier to be found?

The top 4 social media tools used to enhance business online are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs. This gives credibility to the importance of building your content for search engine optimization as well as using social media to interact and attract with potential customers.

Take a look at the Infographics below to better understand the Online Behavior of Small Businesses and their client market. The numbers will encourage you to take another look at your online efforts, especially understanding that 90% of online searches result in brick and mortar purchases…you may be missing out on that next sale!


Online Behavior And Small Business


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