Building Your Brand, Building Your Business: Personal Branding Online

Part 4 Personal Branding Online

Personal Branding is a great marketing avenue for artists, speakers, teachers, trainers, community activists, and independent agents working under a larger industry like real estate, insurance, and independent sales reps. Often times a larger company, like an MLM will allow their reps to build their personal branding in order to grow their units and down line.

Many speakers and artists rely on branding their image and name to bring customer loyalty to their products and services. Personally branding their image with a custom website and built in blog allows business owners to reach their customers, fans and followers where traditional marketing cannot.

Linda Israel, a Multi-Media artist has taken every opportunity available to her to market herself and her business online. Linda uses both her blogging website to inform her customers and followers of her latest projects, workshops, and events while also posting regular tutorials on her YouTube site, Linda Israel YouTube.

Linda has been featured on New9 and HGTV for her innovative creative art and you can contact her to visit her next trade show event or attend one of her creative workshops.

Carey Sue Vega – Etiquette 101, reminds all of us of the importance of manners and business etiquette. As a former Cruise Director, Carey Sue has been teaching our young the importance of manners and is Oklahoma City’s Director for the National Jr. Cotillion and she also educates companies on proper business etiquette.

Carey Sue also brands herself and her business by using a blog website and YouTube to better inform the community. She is a regular Facebook and Twitter user and always available to give helpful advice. Carey Sue has been featured on many radio and television shows and you can contact her to learn when her next business etiquette class will be held.


Personal branding, or self branding, online has increased greatly over the past 10 years with the rise of social technologies. This new direction in branding is not restricted to Hollywood celebrities any longer and now local public figures can market themselves successfully and build their brand in more creative ways. In order to brand yourself, you must market and promote yourself, and the combination of a website and/or blog and the use of a variety of social media platforms will help bring you closer to your followers and customers.