Building Your Brand, Building Your Business: Web Design

Part 4 Web Design

When the web was first introduced to the mainstream, websites were simple yet very clunky in their design setup and navigation. Many lacked layout organization and visual appeal based mostly on limited experience with this new platform and also the limitations of the old coding. Most sites were were text link rich with very little visual appeal nor interest.

As the old cliche says, a picture speaks a 1000 words and this is why graphic design and proper layout is crucial to an efficient web design. Website layouts have evolved with clearer navigation, pinned and organized sections, appealing graphics and a balance of content to space and graphics. 

A customized website that has been designed based off of your marketing strategies will reward your business over time. Avoid rushing into designing a website with the idea that you have to be out on the Internet ASAP without studying the different website options available to businesses. 

Some helpful elements and guidelines to an efficient web design: 

1.      Functionality 

  1. Clear navigation
  2. Loads quickly
  3. Clean code

 2.      Design 

  1. Balance between artistic appeal and content layout
  2. Professional appearance
  3. Balance of space and content/design

 3.      Content

  1. Rich quality content
  2. Relevant information
  3. Reason to return to site

4.      Originality

  1. Clear use of technology
  2. Customized to company image
  3. Forward thinking

5.      Professional & Effective

  1. Ease of reading and navigating content
  2. Clear business information
  3. Value for return customers