A Break from the Work Norm

Kitchen Command Center Design

Charity McVeity-Penner Menu BoardSometimes it’s great to break away from the normal work day and use your creativity outside of work. Many may know that I am an avid scrapbooker, but I do not spend as much time creating those memories as I use to since starting Allographics years ago. But, I still get together twice a year for a girls’ weekend to power crop nearly non stop, I just don’t always create scrapbook pages.

I am determined to put more into my hand-on creativity this year and decided to finally make many of the DIY ideas I have been seeing on Pinterest. One such creative outlet is putting together our kitchen command center. The ideas that contributed to my final design, were based on many photos seen on Pinterest, particularly Charity McVeity-Penner’s All Things Beautiful – Meal Planner Menu Board.

Not expecting to stumble upon the perfect papers to use and embellish the boards, my original color palette was to be black and white. But once I saw the espresso/brown coffee and cooking papers at our local scrapbooking store, the project went in a slightly different direction with a coffee cafe feel. It’s perfect for this coffee lover and family.

I will be adding to the top portion of the center with some fun things and I will likely add another magnetic chalk board beneath the bottom menu board to have a complete center. Once this is complete, we will be putting together the different menu cards and start building out the planning! Enjoy and hopefully this may inspire a create design outlet in you too!