Branding is Your Company’s Personality

As a designer, I do not design nor make your business’ brand. All I can do is take ideas, emotions, and concepts and transfer them into a visual representation of your brand idea. The rest is up to both you and your market.

Branding is a process dependent on the emotion an audience gains from interacting with your service or products. It’s your company’s image based on your marketing, business approach, values and percieved importance.

Consider some very popular brands you like or see everyday. How do you respond to those images? Do they bring you satisfaction or dismay based on how you have intereacted with them? Those emotions have evolved based on the brand’s advertising as well as your experience with the service or product.

It is that emotional interaction that a business’ brand wants to focus on when considering branding. What are the elements your audience will remember about you, your business and then your service/product? Once you understand what you want your market to gain from your business, you can start the process of branding it.

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