Brand Your Business With Twitter

Twitter is a great online tool to help build exposure to your brand and business. The main key to using Twitter is creating conversations and building your community.

When trying to brand your business, there are some simple tips that will help you to maintain a following and keep yourself engaged while not pushing followers away.

  • Know your Market:

First you must know if your market and clients are out on Twitter or at least your influencers. It is important to research conversations using Twitter’s built in Search tool to discover if this is the right tool for your business.

  • Manage Your Time:

How much time do you want and need to dedicate to using Twitter for branding and building relationships? If you realize that you do not have the time to dedicate, you may want to consider delegating the activity to an in house assistant that can monitor and respond to comments and building your following. Why do we recommend using someone within your company? Liability and you know your business better than anyone outside of your company. Unless you have trained an outside individual about every detail of your product and to know how to respond to your potential clients, you could leave your customer service to an unknown virtual that has no clue how your widgets work or what your policies are.

  • Build Your Credibility:

Be a trusted source of information and an expert in your industry. This means hold back on pushing sales and all promotions. Your goal is to build relationships with conversations and provide helpful advice and customer service. Consider including fun insights to your work day or interesting excerpts about the company on a casual level. Consider the 80/20 rule and leave 20% of the tweets to your product and services. This re-emphasizes the importance of not using an outside source for your updates, since it is difficult for someone that does not work within your company to know how to speak about your services and product and interact with followers as the “face” of your product.

  • Measure:

How can you know if your Twitter marketing is working if you do not measure. First establish what your goals and objective are for using Twitter so you can track your activity, responses and possible conversions. There are several utilities available to measure influence, reputation and leads or you can also set up a simple spread sheet to monitor how warm lead contacts have turned into paying clients. The key is…use some type of measure tool to better understand how Twitter has impacted your online marketing.

  • Be Authentic:

This is a huge thing on Twitter and for the most part….any other social network. You must be yourself and not be hiding behind a virtual identity. People want to know they are “talking” to a real person or that at least an employed in house representative is responding to updates, comments and questions. Your business will build trust and credibility when followers believe in your Twitter authenticity and desire to be a “real” active player in the Twitter community.