A Consistent Brand – Brand Alignment and TouchPoints

Can you relate to any of the following statements?

  • My print materials are inconsistent.
  • I know social media is a good idea, but I have no idea where to start.
  • I have ALL these ideas, but no clue how to put them all together.
  • Yikes…my reach has fallen off the radar…no one is paying attention to me!
  • I need branding advice!

If you heard yourself say any of the above statements, sounds like it’s time to sift through your existing branding to determine exactly what’s working and what needs a makeover. Instead of endless searching and going around in circles, it’s time to find the heart and soul of your brand and get things aligned by analyzing your Brand Touchpoints. Your brand should be consistent from the beginning of the purchase process through post-purchase. As you develop your brand or do a brand analysis keep in mind these 3 basic steps of customer contact so you have a message that speaks the same from beginning to end.

All elements of the process, Pre-Purchase, Purchase and Post-Purchase are based off the customer experience. It’s time to become the consumer and look at your brand from the outside and understand what the buyer is seeing. This will help with both understanding if your brand message is clear AND if you are applying it across the board at all steps of the process. It would not hurt to also gather a “team” of unbiased people (friends, previous customers, other business owners) to also look over your materials for consistency and report back on their discoveries and experience.

Pull out the paper and pencil and start listing your current brand touchpoints and where they fall in the 3 steps below. Analyze whether or not your message is clear at all three steps of the process and if it is consistent. Are you missing elements that could be added for better branding? Do you need a redo and all your materials need an update? Maybe you are discovering that you put more effort into one of the purchase steps and not enough in the other. The key like so many things in life, is balance and clarity.



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