Your Brain Is Addicted to Visualization

Face it, your brain has an addiction….and craves visual stimulation. There is so much information out there that it is overwhelming for your brain to try to take in all the information before it encounters overload.

When we can take the same information available in text, and put it into a visual form, our brains can digest the same information quicker, and retain it better and longer. We are visual creatures by habit, and yes, this is an addiction that we seek out both consciously and unconsciously.

QuickSprout put together a fantastic Infographic demonstrating how our brain uses and processes information and the benefits to using visual communication in your marketing and branding. Take for example that we will retain information 65% better, days later, if it is presented in visual form versus only 10% if the same information is only textual. Or what about the fact that your brain processes visual information in 250 milliseconds!

These statistic alone, should be a wake up call to the importance in combining your content marketing with some type of visual element whether it be a cute graphic or photo that tells the whole story. Since we are creatures seeking out this visual stimulation, and 65% of the population also prefers to see appealing images with textual content, ask yourself if your weekly branding and marketing includes enough visual elements that can be retained longer for a stronger marketing reach.

Brain Addicted to Visualization

Infographic Credit: Courtesy of QuickSprout

Kudos to QuickSprout for taking the time to gather/research the information and creating this graphic. It’s a great example of visual communication as well as a fun way to send the message about the importance of visual communication in your marketing.