Be Leery of SEO First Page Ranking Promises

If you own a website, you have likely encountered the “Promise” and “We Guarantee” presentation to get you listed and ranked on the front page of the top search engines! However, most reputable SEO and Web development companies know they cannot promise something they cannot control so you rarely see these marketing tactics used by reputable companies.

SEO can be a huge and mysterious buzz word since the Internet is so competitive for positioning, yet we do not have access to the search engine ranking methods and the average website owner may find the methods, terms and information overwhelming. Many website owners are interested in organic (non-paid) methods improvement versus the non-organic paid methods, but may need to work with an expert to best leverage those methods and avoid expensive oversights.

The search engines use complex algorithms to figure how to rank your website rendering much of your ranking out of your control. Reputable SEO companies understand how important basic SEO is to the strength of your website and how other factors affect how your website is crawled. They will suggest legitamate  methods of optimization and work with the owner on how to help improve their sites traffic without scam tactics and expensive paid methods. You can visit Volacci for some SEO Tips to help optimize your site as well as improve traffic.

These reputable SEO companies rarely suggest questionable tactics like doorway pages, mass directory links, mass search engine submissions, immediate first page results, and the list goes on. SEO takes time and is constantly changing even from state to state and day by day as other websites update their content. There is no way to promise and guarantee positioning even on specific keyword and phrases since this can also change daily, weekly and longer term. Solid SEO tips and recommendations are still the best approach to improving your website’s SEO, and all your efforts will still not happen overnight….it takes time to build good content and be found. SEOmoz presents some tactic used to “promise” unreasonable results.

SEO specialists are not the only experts that understand SEO. Web designers and developers also understand some of the best and worse features of a website design and development that can effect how well your website is crawled and therefore working with both the SEO and design/development of your site can work well together to give your improved traffic and ranking in the search engines.

Don’t under estimate the strength of Social Media and how well it can contribute to your overall SEO and assist your website. One can SEO their different Social Media platforms as well as use them to complement your website’s SEO. As technology changes, so will new scam tactics, but also legitimate SEO techniques. Be leery of the new gadget, program or service hitting the market that makes too good to be true promises,  rather seek out a reputable SEO specialist, Web Designer and Developer to help you plan our your optimization strategy.