Are You Social Media Savvy?

Oklahoma Social Media MarketingSmall businesses and solopreneurs can greatly benefit from using Social Media in their marketing, but how savvy should you be to reach your best potential using social media? You want to understand the direction that is best for you online marketing efforts, trying to be everywhere all the time is impossible as your also run your business.

Savvy doesn’t mean you have to know how to use the 100+ tools out there on the Internet, nor must you hold a masters in marketing. It means you understand that you need to pick the right tools for the right job. Then learned how to apply them for YOUR business. Not every tool works for every business personality and you don’t have to use a wide range of tools to effectively market through social media. What may work for one business, may not work for yours.

Concentrate your social media marketing on 2-3 social channels, learn them well and be consistent. It will take time to navigate the ropes, and yes, you may have to re-learn a few features now and then when the platforms update. BUT so long as you are consistent, you can stay up to date with the latest technology when there is an update.

Being social media savvy also means you are curious. You want to learn and understand what is out on the market and be able to determine what you will want to try next to expand your online exposure. Read up on the latest blogs and mediums specializing in New Media Technology so you are aware of the latest trends….whether you need to use it or not.

One way to keep fresh on how to use the different social media tools is to attend workshops and training. The technology is constantly changing and one major update, like the one Facebook rolled out this past March, can be so overwhelming that a refresher “course” is highly recommended. Those workshops will also cover information about the unknown, unwritten little hints and tips you cannot learn from any of the social media books already out on the bookshelves. Good face-to-face training is invaluable and will help to fill in those gaps.

The Social Media experts are not there to do your updating and relationship building for your business, but to provide you with the knowledge and training to market and brand your business using the different social media tools…whether you handle the updates yourself or have an internal staff member create the updates. Having a social media consultant on hand for valuable advice can be a great benefit to growing your business, especially when you do not have a full blown marketing department!

So jump on out there and see what you can learn!

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