Are You Shouting To An Empty Audience?

If Your Audience Is Absent So Is Your Message

Building an audience on social media should be your number one priority and at the top of your list of goals for your social media marketing. You should not sacrifice any steps needed to help you meet your goal of building a quality following.

Whether you look at the end results you would like to accomplish and work backwards or look at the top level of a plan and funnel down towards a goal, one thing is clear. If each step is not followed and completed either before the next step or in conjunction with steps as one works their way towards the goal you will miss out on building an audience interested in your product or services. Hop scotching around and skipping elements of the plan…will get you a big fat ZERO of success.

social media audience

Starting from nothing IS a daunting task as you realize that you cannot inform people of your product if you do not have anyone that can hear and see you. But, one thing is for sure, if you are not working a strategy to build a following at the same time that you are talking about your product, you are just shouting to the wind. You cannot skip this step.

Remember that only a small percentage of any audience will see your content and services, so you need to continue growing your following so you can reach a larger audience over time. As you continue to build your audience, you must also create relevant and engaging content that keeps their attention on YOU. This is a back and forth process and it does take time, so don’t give up.

social media growth

There is always turnover of potential leads and those interested in what you have to say. So once you do have an initial audience to work with, you must juggle between building your audience and creating products, services and content that is of interest. If they like your content, they end up being part of your overall strategy by adding value in the name of referrals, shares, likes, favorites and comments. Just never forget…you must place building your audience at the top of your strategy.

Lastly. I have never worked any successful social media campaign or strategy that did NOT include a dedicated effort to build an audience from the beginning. Your strategy should take advertising budgets and relationship marketing into consideration from the start so as you implement various steps, your eyes are still on the target of audience growth.