Are You Engaging Your Fans & Followers?

Social Media EngagementWhen you are updating on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your updates should be about your Fans and Followers and what THEY are interested in and how you can be a resource to others. Be a part of the community.

To begin engaging, you must update your account regularly with fresh and relevant content. No one can read your updates in their News or Twitter Feeds if you do not supply the information to begin with. Most Fans and Followers do not go and visit each persons page to see what they are up to…they rely on what shows up in their News Feed. If you are not posting at all, your updates will never show up. The more often you update, the more often the updates will show in your Fans & Followers Feeds. It’s that simple.

The two most popular ways to engage are to post photos and videos. Again, make sure the media is fresh and relevant to your industry or complements your services. There is a fine line of posting too personal of information, but do show us your human side, especially if your accounts are branded for you business. We like to feel we know the people behind the accounts, so don’t be afraid to show us who you are…just keep it light and professional.

Your updates can also include questions, polls, and surveys to help generate interest and participation. You don’t have to post long winded questions, sometimes asking how one’s day is can be a nice change to the full-time “business” approach. Go a head, jump on in there and post a poll and see how your Fans and Followers react. If you do not get a response, try another question. It is all about finding that right online voice for your particular niche and following. The key is to jump out there and do it!