7 Savvy Social Strategies

Before there was Facebook….well there was marketing and yes, there was social media too. But Facebook’s initiation into the online world and then integration with Business Pages has catapulted marketing for small businesses and leveled the playing field for many businesses that felt they could not play with the big boy brands. Now more social networks have joined the community, many following Facebook’s example of pages, groups and marketing. So how can you apply some Savvy Social Strategies to your marketing?

7 Savvy Social Strategies:


If your business’ website does not have a blogging platform, you are missing out on a valuable resource to gain both website traffic and viable social media interaction. Blogging is a simple way of writing fresh content on a regular basis, sharing your industry expertise and advice to your community. Consumers not only search the web 24/7 looking for basic information about your company and your competition, they are researching and comparing your ability to speak to them and persuade them to buy and use your services. Blogging gives those potential customers more information on how you present your expertise and gives credibility. Once you have a blog in place and begin writing content, you then have an additional resource to start sharing on your social networks, and building traffic back to your website regularly. This way you are not restricted to re sharing the same static web pages over and over, or always having to share some else’s content from their website or blog.


Recently, Facebook made a change to the type of posts it will give priority to in news feeds and what will be seen by your followers. It seems that Facebook has put value back into the simple, yet effective use of text only posts. Our research has shown that text only posts are seen 2-3 times more often with a larger reach than other types of posts. So be sure to include text only posts as part of your strategy and provide valuable relevant information with at least 3 lines of content multiple times per week.


Another way to get Facebook to work for you is to post your photos to generate more likes and comments as much as 53% and 104% more according to Hubspot. Be creative on your use of photos and share the fun. You still want to post photos that are relative to your business and services or compliment your industry, but you can still mix in some fun or even light personal photos if they apply to your personal brand. Don’t think that just because you do not sell a product, you cannot use photos to share your services visually…you just need to be creative.


Want a little extra edge to your updates showing in your fan’s news feed? Promote your posts with as little as $5:00 one your Business Page reaches 400 fans. Facebook provides you the ability to promote your posts to either your fans only or your fans and their friends. The amount you pay to promote your posts is dependent on your number of fans. You will then see your audience reach increase as your updates will be seen by many more of your fans within a 3 day period. Don’t waste your promoted post opportunity. Make sure what content you want to share has its own rewards for your marketing like a link back to your website, a special offer or coupon or an announcement for a special event.


What, where and whys are great types of questions to get your fans engaged. You can either ask questions as a general text update or use Facebook’s built in POLLing app called Questions, located as a drop down menu in the status box. Either way, your goal is to encourage people to respond to your inquiry. Don’t forget to also make requests to LIKE or SHARE your content and questions. Special requests to share the love tend to get more LIKES and comments on your page.


Pinterest recently added new Business Accounts and the ability to convert your original Pinterest account over for business if you chose. If your demographics are out pinning for fun, sharing photos, videos and content, you will want to create fun way for your business to interact Pinning and uploading your own visual content to be shared. Pinterest also gives you the option to share your pins on other social networks, expanding your reach further.


Whether it is a post of text content, photos or videos or question, don’t post just to post. Have a plan in mind that tells a story…YOUR story. There is a lot of noise out on the internet, and it will be easy for one’s brand to get lost in the never ending internet world. Create a personal connection about who you are and the services you offer so you are not just another store on the corner business. Let your VOICE be heard in the form of your brands story and consistent theme or message. Be real and be you!! 

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