6 Social Media Advertising Tips


If you haven’t noticed, everyone is getting in on the social media advertising band wagon. Whether social users like it or not, social media platforms need to create their own channel of revenue in order to stay relevant and viable.


If users want to continue using the different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube for free, there has to be an expectation that those businesses need to turn a profit in order to exist for the long-term. This is why users have seen an increase in new advertising features on all of the popular social media platforms.


With so many to chose from, it can be confusing to understand where to place your social media adverting efforts, let alone how to learn how to use so many different advertising tools. A few tips can help give you direction, whether you do your own advertising or hire a marketing firm to manage your advertising campaigns.

  • Build Your Community (Tribe): Grow your followers and engage them with relevant helpful FREE resources before you begin advertising. You want to have an active audience that will be there to help you get the word out with shares, repins, and retweets.
  • Create Specific Campaigns: Have a plan!! Before you begin advertising, learn what social channels will be the best audience for your marketing the know what results you want from a campaign and then work backwards from there. Consider how long you want a campaign to last and what will be your budget, what will be your message, what graphics you need to have created, and where you want to send people for the ad. (Website, coupon, landing page, shopping cart, email form, social media account)
  • Combine Different Marketing Channels: Some of the best social media advertising campaigns combine different social channels. One of the most common is creating a video, uploading it to YouTube and also using that same video as a direct upload to Facebook and Twitter, while allocating the advertising budget to Facebook.
  • Target, Target, Target: Social media advertising tools are becoming quite sophisticated with very targeting demographics. Be specific on who you want to reach and take advantage of the details. The more you know of your market, the better you can directly target who you want to reach.
  • Measure, Test and Evaluate: Your advertising efforts do not end once you hit the “On” switch. You must continue monitoring how the advertising campaign progresses and make any changes needed for better results. A/B testing, where you create two separate but similar ads, allows you to determine if one type of message gets better conversion than an another so you can adjust the campaign direction for the future.
  • Work with an Expert: Not everyone wants to handle the advertising portion of their marketing. It is good to understand how the advertising in general works and what information you need to provide to a partnering advertising firm, but often times working with a partner frees you up to run your business as the expert runs your ads. Managing advertising campaigns takes time and patience to monitor the ins-and-outs of different tools, let alone the specifics to each ad. Marketing experts understand how to quickly put campaigns together, what channels work best for your type of ad and the best location for your audience and marketing. You save time and money by working with the expert from the beginning and throughout the process.

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