5 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

With a New Year, comes new directions on how to build your business and use the different online marketing tools available. One such tool that is both popular and effective in increasing your website traffic is a Facebook Fan Page.

But, one still needs to use that Fan Page and the more quality Fans that have “Liked” your Fan Page, the more you can increase your website traffic. But just how do you grow that Fanbase?

The initial default way to start your Fanbase is to suggest your new Fan Page to your Friends listed in your Personal Profile. This is a decent start, so long as your Friends are interested in your business activities and can be effective influencers to your business.

I am sharing with you a handful of tips that can get you started on growing your Fans.

  • Create a Customized Welcome/Landing Page with Call to Action

Believe it or not, you CAN customize your Fan Page within Facebook’s own footprint. Although you cannot remove the Wall and Info tabs, you can remove other top tabs you are not using and replace them with your own customized versions.

To start with, consider an inviting Welcome Page that asks your visitors to “Like” your page while also showcasing selective information about your business or what your special services may do for them. Work with both a designer and web developer that understands Facebook’s coding language so you can properly insert interactive links, videos, sign ups and creative graphic.

  • Add Social Plugins to Your Website and/or Blog

To help share information and insert any variety of Facebook Social Plugins to your website or blog. Don’t underestimate the power of having these widgets on your website to help increase your exposure and interaction.

Links directly on your website or blog allow people to remain on your website while also posting their comments and likes to to their Facebook wall feed without leaving your site. Those same likes and comments travel Facebook as updates to your visitors wall feed so others can see the interaction.

  • Share and Embed Videos

Create your own business videos with an introduction to your business, or a fun way to promote your services or offer a workshop. Keep the videos short, entertaining and informational and post on your Fan Page, within your Wall Posts and in Custom Tabs.  [youtube width=”250″ height=”175″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raACNLEjvyg[/youtube]

  • Run a Facebook Ad Campaign

An Ad campaign need not be expensive. A nominal budget can still increase your Facebook Exposure by targeting directly to your desired audience. Facebook’s Ad Campaign system is one of the best, if not the best to filter down to the specific group you want to market to.  It’s as simple as scrolling to the bottom of your Facebook account and clicking on “Advertising”. The wizard will walk you through the process.

  • Be Engaging

Last but certainly NOT the least…is the all important ENGAGEMENT. I am not a fan of solely using auto tweets or updates onto your Fan Page, especially if that is all that is posted without any responses and interaction. They are impersonal and can be downright annoying. The idea of Facebook and nearly all other social network platforms, is to be interactive, engaging and above all, authentic. I recommend you post your own updates or have someone in house, like an employee that has a valued interest in your company help with your update management.

Most people on Facebook enjoy quick conversations with helpful relevant updates and tips. But they also want to know that there is a real person on the other end that enjoys interacting with them and answering their questions quickly. There is no hard set rule on how often you should post to your Fan Page, and much of this can be dependent on your industry.

In general, you should be consistent and update regularly, maybe at least multiple times per week. Just be aware that too much updating can be annoying, while too little will lose Fans. Also, bring value to your Fan Page with information that is relevant to your business and industry.

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