4 Steps To Remove Facebook Game Invites

You’re ready to delete that “friend” for the 100th invite of slots, but you are not ready to take that drastic action over those annoying Facebook Game Invites.

How can you save your own sanity and keep your actions anonymous at the same time? Announcing to everyone that you do not want the invites rarely stops the action, so it’s time you took control over those invites yourself.

Below are 4 steps you can take to easily remove and turn off those Facebook game invites.

  1. Click on your Profile’s Notifications icon in the upper right corner. It’s the world/globe image.
  2. Hover over the right of the game icon’s avatar and then click on the X box to Turn Off the invite.
  3. When the next window opens, you must click on the Turn Off button to complete the action.
  4. Finally, in the last window, you will receive a confirmation that the app has been turned off and the opportunity to report the app for spam if you desire.

For a visual understanding, see images below.

Remove Facebook Game Invites Steps 1

Remove Facebook Game Invites Steps 2

Remove Facebook Game Invites Steps 3

Remove Facebook Game Invites Steps 4