Building Your Brand, Building Your Business: Graphic Design

 Part 3 Graphic Design

A graphic designer is an invaluable segment of Business Branding. He or she will take information that the client has developed for their business and build a visual product that speaks of their company’s message and image. The designer will analyse concepts and ideas and meld them into a simple and straight forward visual message, combining all the elements of your initial research. The designer is your multi-level problem solver

Once you begin working with a graphic designer, he or she can develop your logo, determine business colors, integrate your concepts, ideas and image to create a branding platform that will help you communicate your message and reach your target audience through marketing.

Creating your logo is only the beginning. Once your logo is designed, you will base a vast majority of your branding and designs on your logo. You will want to include your logo in all your print and online marketing platforms. A business card, like a logo, is another basic part of your Branding. You will want well designed business cards and print material to hand out when networking for referrals and potential clients.

The next important investment to your Branding and marketing will be a well designed website. In this new online informational age, a business must have a website to remain competitive. Your online branding and marketing should begin with a website, however, once you have the webiste live, avoid the syndrome that if you build it they will come. Your website design and planning should be well thought out and not rushed to just get your name out on the net. Avoid quick free or hosted DIY wizard platforms that will limit your design creativity, SEO and control of your online marketing. Always consult with a designer to better understand the differences in the variety of frameworks before signing a lengthy hosting agreement.